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DEHUMANIZATION                         45

These include all Communists, all Fascists, all
National-Socialists and all others possessed by the
demon of the will to power. And they all deny
the liberty of their fellow-man. The petrifaction
of freedom in liberal democracies has come about
just because freedom was comprehended only
individually (not personally) and was often
interpreted as meaning "leave me in peace."
Freedom meant that each tetked within himself,
into his own family, or individual economic
interests, ot his own business enterprise. Freedom
as it is understood in France has become a con-
servative principle, the defence of the status quo.
Granted such a conception of freedom, every
slightly radical change in society is inevitably
regarded as violence.

Freedom is the eternal basis of the human
spirit—the spirit is freedom. Freedom is the
eternal basis of human intercourse: to be true
communion it must be free. But the eternal
basis of liberty cannot be attached to changing
political forms such as Liberalism and democracy.
The problem of freedom is vastly deeper than
that of liberalism. Liberty has no permanent
foundations in Liberalism. In principle demo-
cracy subordinates the individual personality to
the nation. This is why the liberal-democratic
principles are powerless to defend liberty against
the incursions upon it by the communists and